Participant information sheet

Thank you for your interest in this survey.  

The aim of the survey is to investigate how breed, age, gender, medical conditions and the time of year impact the activity levels of different dogs.

There are only questions about your dog, no questions about you or your personal details.  We are interested in every dog's activity levels, so even if your dog is still a puppy or a golden oldie please consider taking part. 

The results of this survey may be useful in helping new dog owners identify breeds that suit their lifestyle, and in helping veterinary surgeons and nurses identify conditions that can impact the activity levels of dogs and therefore potentially increase the dog's risk of developing obesity.  

We are also interested in how the weather impacts dog activity levels, particularly during very cold, and very hot spells, and if your dog has ever been unwell due to exercising in hot or cold weather conditions.  

Please complete this survey for one individual dog, if you have more than one dog please feel free to complete the survey for each dog.  To start the survey again, try opening the link in a different browser, or clearing your internet browser cookie history.

At the end of the survey you will be given a unique code, please make a note of this.  Should you wish to withdraw your survey responses please e-mail by 1st January 2019 stating this unique code.  Your responses will then be destroyed and not used within the project. This project has been ethically approved by the School of ARES ethical review group, should you have any questions please contact Emily using the e-mail above.