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In this questionnaire we are seeking to obtain data on external examiners and their functions in the area of Law. At present we are seeking quantitative data, but we plan a follow up using structured interviews to collect more qualitative data. At the end of this questionnaire we will invite you to participate in this aspect of the research as well, but this is entirely voluntary on your part.

We are grateful for your assistance in completing this questionnaire, which should take no more than 20 minutes of your time. All data will be reported anonymously and if you supply personal contact details, these will be used solely for the purpose of inviting you to participate in the follow up interview.

Vera Bermingham
Graeme Broadbent
Mike Cuthbert
John Hodgson

Any questions regarding this questionnaire, or the research generally should be addressed to John Hodgson: or 07956064553

This research project has research ethics approval from Kingston University.